Open Your Eyes

Austin, TX

think of if we didn’t have ages. people act how they think people their age are supposed to act. we are just reflections of what we think we want to be.

also tight::allan kingdom

duuuude what? can’t wait to see how this turns out. weird seeing these guys my age listening to the same shit i did, feeling the same way, and molding it in to something. shoutout ahmad/bigbusiness for retweeting this.

here’s the interview:

this is the best 11 minute song you’ll ever hear

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Kaytranada - "Forever Lasting Night"

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Happy birthday to Stevie. The one right next to Michael in my book.

this is cool. video for this song is great. hope we never find out anything about either of these guys and they stay spooky forever (shoutout yung lean doer)

Part 2 + New Orleans

Trip to Florida

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Joey Bada$$ playing table tennis


Joey Bada$$ playing table tennis

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